August 2016

Looking back at July, I feel honored and very lucky to have been given so many opportunities. Performing at Concerts in the Park was an absolute dream, and making new friends after our set was a true gift. The Gilroy Garlic Festival and Worldfest were both full of good food and good company. The Redwood Ramble was an absolute honor to be on the same bill with greats like Jelly Bread, Mumbo Gumbo, Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers, and it was SO MUCH FUN performing a "Tribute" set alongside band members from incredible bands such as The Waybacks, Warren Hood, Grateful Bluegrass Boys, and Achilles Wheel. Big shout out to James Nash for making me feel SO inspired by your guitar work, and to Aaron Redner for including me and being the brains and brawn for the whole shindig. 

I have recently done a few photo shoots with Emily O'neil, and I must say she is the first human to make me feel comfortable in front of a camera. If you need photos for anything, I strongly recommend you check her work out HERE! Thank  you again Emily! 

Little Blue Heron came out 1 year ago... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Happy Birthday, you little piece of my heart!! In celebration, we have new shirts on the way... Dare I say... TANK TOPS!?! We also have new magnets and new teeny tiny buttons that make me feel happy. They will be available on the website soon! 

I have TWO NEW TUNES and I cannot wait to share them with you!! Check out our list of shows and come see me play them live.. I'm looking forward to performing at new places and meeting new friends this month and it sure would be nice to see a familiar face or two in the crowd.. <3

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